Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Project Life: Week 49

SO this week in Project life was a busy one! Bryan took Paulina to The Pearl S. Buck House while Natalya was at her 3rd grade Christmas party. My friends Sam & Ray brought their beautiful baby girl Fiona to Bloomies for a visit! St. Nicholas brought stuffed animals for the girls on the evening of December 5th. I volunteered at St. Judes for their Santa's Workshop. ANd Bryan & I had an awesome date night! WE went to the Washington House for dinner & saw Eddie Money at the Sellersville Theater. Great week. Oh & it was like, 64 December!! Crazy weather!
This week I used everything in my PL book, so much for cohesion! I used the Cherry Edition, Ali Edwards December Daily journal cards & the date card is from the Clementine Collection.

I also forgot to take pictures of my Thanksgiving extra's. I saw these last year on Maryann Perry's blog & fell in love with them! So I downloaded Cathy Z.'s templates at Designer Digitals & made them for this year : )
This will be a project that I will be adding to my Project Life every year, for sure!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lunchbox Keepsake

I love this project! I've been working on this for over 8 years & will continue for the next 9 years. It is a creative way to preserve all your family's school pictures...yes - I even included mine & my husbands!! The kids love looking at this project because they can see what we looked like at the exact age they are now. And it is right at their finger tips. Every year, once school pictures are out, we bring out the lunch boxes and are guaranteed to have a laugh!
A brief (or not so brief) description: I bought 2 lunch boxes at our LSS back in 2004. I believe you can find these top loading metal lunch boxes online still. I altered it by using simple black bazzill paper & some Doodlebug black & white paper. I had to use 2 lunch boxes because I divided them up. Pre-K to 4th grade in the first one. Then 5th grade to 12th grade in the next one. I made 13 tabs & labeled them Pre-K, 1st Grade, 2nd get the picture. I stamped the grade on each tab. I then decided on a color for each family member. I stuck with that color theme for each year. We have 5 people in our family so I made 5 cards (that were 7.5 x 6) for each tab/grade. Yes, that was 65 cards. I bought a lot of white bazzill! I then kept if very simple. Each card has a border, a blank stamp (to fill in the info you want to record. I put our full name, the school & city it was in & the year). Then I used my Cricut to cut a black circle 3 inches, a white circle 2 and a half inches & a black number (for the grade) 2 inches. All done on my Cricut with the George & Basic Shapes cartridge. I have all the cards made up already. So I simple take their school picture, mat it black & voila! Easy peasy! Any questions, email me or leave a comment. Enjoy!

First Grade

Second Grade

Friday, December 14, 2012

Look Up....

I am in no way, shape or form a professional photographer. But I am asked time to time how I get some of my shots. My answer is usually the same. Look up, get onto the ground, stand on your tippy toes... What I am saying is take a look at what you are photographing, and look at it from every angle, until you find one that is unusual, or different. I have been taking pictures since I was a small child, and I am obsessed with the entire process. I take well over a picture a day (you can see how Project Life wasn't such a leap for me). You can pretty much tell everything about me by my series of pictures taken through out the day. So when I am long & gone, at least my children & someday grandchildren will have a glimpse of our life.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December Daily

Ok, so I am really slacking on this project. The little free time I did have this week went to Christmas shopping. Unfortunately, my crafting comes last : (
But on a positive note, I am pretty much done my Christmas shopping, heck yeah!!
So I embark upon my December Daily journey,  I'm approaching this project with an open mind & no real rules. This will give me the creativity & permission to do as I please. I started by gathering all my favorite Christmas papers & embellishments. I also hit AC Moore for a few Thickers, and used the Teresa Collins kit given to me by my friend Wendy. I also downloaded a few digital goodies from Ali on Designer Digitals. I made a list of 25 of our families most treasured memories/traditions. Bryan, Paulina & Natalya helped too (which I loved). For about 2 weeks I searched December Daily on the web, Pinterest, Instagram & blogs. I mulled around ideas. And then just dug in! I created for an entire day none stop. I created my cover and put together several pages. I didn't want to do too much prep on the pages. I wanted a little spontaneity for each of my 25 prompts. So here is what I've created so far. I have only journaled for the first day, I know, sad but true. But at least I have the foundation down for the first week...right?

Monday, December 10, 2012

Project Life: Thanksgiving & more...

I am posting 2 weeks of Project Life. The week of Thanksgiving & the following week. The week of Thanksgiving was a bit hectic. Addison picked up a shift at Domino's to earn a little extra cash while he is home. I really feel like I spent ZERO time with him : (  Between me working & him visiting his girlfriend Molly, the week flew! I did manage to open my Etsy Store, I uploaded a few of my watercolors. It is something I've always wanted to do. I plan to add other items as soon as the holidays are over. We went to my sister Paula's house in New Jersey for Thanksgiving. The girls had a blast with their cousins! Bryan & I had parent/teacher conferences, which both the girls are doing quite well...they're such smarty pants : ) We finally bought a new tree...yay! We are starting the task of actually putting it up. This can be a stay tuned for the final display of the Rozinski Tree!

Now for week ending December 1st: Yikes..when and how is it December already?? Anywho, this week was pretty calm. We finished up watching Homeland Season 1. I am super obsessed with this show and am so sad that we do not have Showtime because now I can not watch season 2 : (
Addison went back to! Natalya was feeling a bit under the weather, so she had a jammie day with me. We had 2 family game nights this week, yeah, we're wild like that sometimes!
I did decide to download the Cherry (Original) Edition of journal cards. But this time in the PL world, I am tired of looking at my Clementine & Cobalt journaling cards. So I start changing it up a bit. If you want to try this edition out, I urge you to do so asap. They are going to retire this collection. It is a nice addition & really does mix well with the other lines. So there you have it, a peek into 2 weeks of the Rozinski life.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Update: Project Life: November 11-17

This week is when I actually first decided to start this blog. I have thought about this for years and years. But on this particular day, it actually materialized ; ) I spent the entire day planning and creating. This blog, now only 2 weeks old has turned out to be one of my favorite creative outlets. So getting back to the week: the girls were in high gear on the creating train. I scanned some of their current masterpieces and put them into my favorite 4 x 6 templates by The Lilypad. On Thursday Roo & took a road trip to Bloomsburg to pick up Addison!! Yeah, I missed him sooooo much! Friday, feeling a bit under the weather : ( 
Most of the elements for this week were from the digital Clementine Collection found at Jessica Sprague's website.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Goodbye Sweet Autumn...

Ok, guess it's time to say farewell to my favorite season! Goodbye to all those beautiful colors bursting outdoors. Goodbye to those sweet smells of cinnamon & spice wafting through the air. Goodbye to the crisp unpredictable weather. And hello winter! Though you are my least favorite of seasons, you are still a lovely sight to photograph. Though I rarely, and I mean RARELY, ever go out for pleasure during the winter months, I do pop my head out with my camera wrapped safely and take a look at the winter white wonderland. As a child I always thought it looked like God had sprinkled confectioners sugar all over. Figures I would find a way to work sweets into that equation : )

Since the kids were young, Bryan has always been the one to take them out in the snow. Building snowmen, sledding and having snowball fights. He has invented new ways to entertain them. He even had chair races on the frozen pond outside our house! The girls are always anxious to see what the daddy will come up with next! I always stay warmly tucked in the house, awaiting them with hot chocolate loaded with plenty of marshmallows.

So here are a few of my fondest memories of autumn. Also a few pictures I took today, with my iPhone5...yes...while driving. But to my defense, we were stuck in a little traffic jam, so we were practically standing still...

Hello Jack Frost!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hmmm, this could be a problem...

This is our second year attempting to put up our tree without furry interferences! But the minute we have it up, sure enough we have a curious little fur ball awaiting to investigate. So for tonight we will have to keep the 3 kitties down the basement until we figure out a way to deter them from climbing. If anyone has any ideas, PLEASE leave a comment! I will welcome all suggestions! But I do have to admit, they make awful cute ornaments!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark!

Oh, yes! This is possibly the easiest recipe AND the most delicious snack ever! I found it here on Pinterest from Mary Ellen M. Hit the Pinterest link for the original recipe. The only thing I changed was the chocolate chips. Instead of a bag (about 2 cups) of chocolate chips, I used 5 different types of chips. It was merely coincidence that I had such a variety in the house, but a lucky one. I used: semi sweet, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate & butterscotch! Let me tell you...I could have eaten the entire batch! There is not one person that has tasted this and has not either, non-stop stuffed in their mouths, or asked for the recipe. So give it a try. It is 5 simple ingredients. You won't be sorry, but your waistline may : (

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Project Life:November 4-10th

This week was all about getting back to normal. We finally got our power back on Sunday! Seven days without power is NO picnic! The presidential election took place on November 6th. We got our first snow fall on Wednesday. Good thing I took this picture, because it melted in about an hour. Paulina had her "Open Mic Night" at Music Training Center, love that place! MTC is an excellent place for private voice lessons, instruments & theater. The girls have been in it for the past 4 years and love it. This week brought about much creativity also (as usual). The girls were fascinated by the book series The Strange Case of the Origami Yoda. They made origami Yoda's & Darth Papers all night with fluorescent post it notes. Oh, those crafty girls!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Camera happy...

Ok. I think I am officially obsessed with the sky...and clouds..and when the sun is setting! It just takes my breath away. Here are just a few i've taken in the past week. A few with my iPhone5, one with my Canon Rebel and one with my point and shoot Sony Cybershot. I edit in the app DeluxeFX & then in the app Diptic. I promise this is my last post on clouds...for a few weeks : )

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Project Life Update...

Once a week I will post the prior week for my Project Life. Anyone who knows me, knows this project is very near & dear to my heart. I've almost stopped scrapping in 12 x 12 style altogether. I feel the everyday is so much more interesting than the major milestones. If there is a major event, I'll just add an extra page to my PL or make a mini book. I've also encouraged many friends to join me (especially my partner in crime Wendy).
This was a horrific week for Project Life. The east coast got slammed with Hurricane Sandy! And we lost power for an entire week!! Thank God there was no damage to our home, except for some minor flooding. Now, I try to look at the bright side: there were people in NY that lost their entire homes, along with everything in them! So I guess losing power for a week wasn't so bad. But during that week, if you would have asked me, I would have given you a completely different answer! But reviewing the week, we did have trick or treating. The girls had an awesome time. And I got to spend a few days with my bestie Tracy in NJ. Also we got to spent time with my mom & dad. So all in all, I survived that blasted week!
So this week I used Becky Higgins page protectors in Design A. And an extra insert from WR Memory Keepers. Most elements are from the Clementine Collection.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Anybody ready for December Daily??

This is my first year attempting December Daily. I've been a Project Lifer for 2 years. But now that I have that under control & have a good rhythm, I thought I'd tackle December Daily. Now I hear a lot of other people asking what the difference between PL & DD. Either project can be approached anyway you feel comfortable with. For me: I use Project Life for our family's daily routine. For instance, what we like for breakfast, what we are currently reading or watching. Basically whatever we do on a daily basis for that exact moment. But December Daily will be created for our family's Christmas traditions. When we decorate the tree, making pizzelle's, The Feast of the Seven Fishes, or singing Christmas songs into hair brushes while dancing around the kitchen like crazy people. So some will be traditional and some not so traditional. I am going to make 25 pages. Each day will have the date: Saturday, December 1 2012. I downloaded Ali Edward's December Overlays. I also got an early Christmas present from a dear friend which was the Teresa Collins December Countdown Kit. That will be the main "guts" of the project along with left over Basic Grey elements. I am looking forward to creating this little mini scrapbook. I'm trying to get the basics done. So once December 1st rolls around, all I will need to do is add a picture & the story behind it. I'm sure it will be one my girls, Paulina & Natalya, will enjoy reading over and over again. Maybe even my college bound son, Addison!