Monday, July 29, 2013

Project Life: July 14-27

I am 2 weeks behind here. It has been a busy summer! I'll make this short and sweet. The week of July 14 thru 20th, I used the Blush Edition. I used Ali Edwards overlays on Tuesday & Friday. I find I use them when I have a picture in need of a frame, especially the Tuesday picture. My husband made My Little Pony necklaces for the girls. They collect them and love them dearly. They saw a girl on Etsy selling them & thought, "Hey, we could so easily make these!" And with the help of their daddy they did. But getting back to the picture: when I took it, it kinda got lost on the 4 x 6 print. SO I popped an overlay on their and it made it much more visually interesting.

I used an instagram pic for Mondays slot. 

I also included tickets from my daughters summer camp play in the extra journaling spot. Easy peasy! For the entire week I hand journaled. Since I have been buying  core kits, I find I HAVE to use my handwriting...not a huge fan of this, BUT you gotta do whatcha gotta do : )

For the week of July 21st thru the 27th I went back to my beloved Honey edition. I added a little bling on a journal card, highlighting the current week.

I also used a few different overlays. On Monday I used the Cathy Z. On Thursday and Saturday I used an older instaframe. Not sure where I got these from. If you are interested, write me in the comments section and I will investigate and get back to you.

My camera's lighting was so OFF! These pictures all look green : (

Love the last pic. Though my daughter looks like she hasn't brushed her hair in a week. The story behind it is so cute....Paulina and her inventive popsicle combinations!

I also added an extra page. It is Becky's Design this one! My husband took my daughter to her first "real" concert! He journaled a TON : ) So I actually had to use 2, 4 x 6 stinkin' cute! I included all the pictures he took & the tickets.

Once again, sorry about the horrible color of these photo's. But you get the picture : )
Have a fabulous week!
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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Project Life: July 7-13

It was an awesome week for many reasons: First it was my first week of vacation...yay! It was also my son Addison's 19th birthday and my daughter Natalya's 9th birthday. There was a lot of celebrating going on. Even though my son is in Hawaii for 3 weeks. We did quite a bit of activities with Natalya. OK: so that was on the personal side. Now is the creative side: I decided this week I would use Becky Higgins plain lined journal cards and Doodlebug "Take Note" washi tape. I just adhered the tape onto the card. I love the simplicity of it, and the continuity of the entire layout.

I used a Doodlebug 4 x 6 "Take Note" card for the title card which happen to have the same exact polka dot design as my washi tape! Love when things work out that way : ) I used a variety of letter stickers from the Simple Stories line. I also used Doodlebugs Cardstock Stickers for the days of the week. If any of you know me, you know that I must have the coordinating date sticker on every one of my journal cards! Lol.


I also added an extra page, Design F and trimmed off the last set of 3. I do this just so you can see the different layers. I added a label from my favorite Chibani Flip and a ton of other pictures. Since I was on vacation this week, I did a bunch of activities with the girls that I wanted to include in my PL. We sewed a lot and had shopping trips to Ikea & Michaels! Though my son is away in Hawaii, I still put a collage of pics on Tuesday in honor of his bday. We will celebrate when he get back home.

It was a glorious week and I feel the bright sunny colors of Doodlebug reflect my mood for the week! Hope everyone has a wonderful week. It's going to be a hot one if you are in the US on the East Coast....yet another heat wave coming this keep cool.
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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Project Life: Red, White & Blue Style!

This week I used a mix of editions, but just in reds & blues. I did use a 4th of July sticker I purchased at Michaels on top of a Honey title card. I journaled using blue & black Project Life journal pens.

This is also my official first layout in my "Volume 2" for 2013!! Whoo hoo! Three years and going strong, keeping caught up! Label by Cathy Z!

I used an Amy Tan digital word art  (delight) from her "Yes Please" line on my black and white photo of my daughter holding her new laptop. I also used Cathy Z's ribbon word too. There was a lot of white space that was bothering!

I also used Rebecca Coopers templates for an extra 8 x 8 insert. We had a 4th of July BBQ and I took a few pics that I wanted to include. I try to change it up with different templates so it keeps it interesting through out the year. I found (from YEARS ago) a label from Junkitz. I was so happy! I love when I find stuff in my stash from eons ago : ) So I slapped that baby right on my Thursday journal card!

I also have not been dating every one of my photo's, which is really a struggle for me, haha. I am finding that putting the date on just a few is ample enough to guide the eye through the week and clearly see which journal card goes with each picture...make sense?

It was an awesome week and as I write this, I am officially on vacation for the next week...yay! It is my son & my daughters birthday's this week. So we have so much planned. Well, not so much for my son who is going to be 19 and is in Hawaii for the next three weeks. He is celebrating with his ohana out there. So we will have a little party for him when he gets home. But my little Natalya will be 9 and we have a fun filled week planned ahead. So tune in next week for the details.
Here is the left, the right and the complete layout. Enjoy! I am linked up with Jessica at The Mom Creative Blog! Her Tuesday PL layouts are awesome and you can get so much inspiration from other crafty gals!

With 8 x 8 insert

 Have an awesome week!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Project Life: June 23-29

I changed it up a bit this week. Still using my beloved Honey Edition, I chose to print all pictures in black and white to make a bit of a statement. Now my printer is a bit off...cause they do look a bit green! Lol! I tried adjusting, but so not worth the aggravation. I figure in 20 years it won't make a darn bit of difference. Don't stress over the little things. I did take Jessica Sprague's class on a Photoshop tricks. Each Friday for the entire summer she has a video, pdf & digi goodies. I really like her style of teaching. Everything I know in PSE, I learned from her. Let me tell you I was clueless!!! It takes anywhere from 5-10 minutes and voila, I've learned another trick. I used week's 1 lesson, "Extracting Patterns". Didn't know when I'd ever use this, but guess what? I used it this week...go me! I extracted the little red camera, (that I absolutely love!) and used it on my Sunday picture & Thursday's journal card...oh yeah, I'm on fire! Ha, well I find I have to use what I just learned several times or "poof" it's gone from my memory. But like I said, she has the directions written out, clearly! I print them all out and keep them in a binder very close to my desk! I still turn to my original class I took with her for the basics....especially when my PSE resets itself : ( Here is a link to her class Baker's Dozen.
OK, back to Project Life. Awesome family week! My sister came to visit, lots of playing in the pool, Japanese take out with my son, it was all good. Except for Paulina getting an ear infection, it was a pretty darn good week! I used Cathy Z's new item at AC Digitals. I'm a sucker for her clean lines. It was just a few simple saying, that yes, I probably can recreate my self. But it is so nice just to pop it on the page. I used it for Wednesday's picture of my 2 girls in the pool. Here is the full spread:

The left and then right sides:

A few close ups...

This is the end of my volume one for 2013. So I did a last page with some pictures I didn't use the month of June. Can you believe we are half way through the year??? Yikes!

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