Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Goodbye Sweet Autumn...

Ok, guess it's time to say farewell to my favorite season! Goodbye to all those beautiful colors bursting outdoors. Goodbye to those sweet smells of cinnamon & spice wafting through the air. Goodbye to the crisp unpredictable weather. And hello winter! Though you are my least favorite of seasons, you are still a lovely sight to photograph. Though I rarely, and I mean RARELY, ever go out for pleasure during the winter months, I do pop my head out with my camera wrapped safely and take a look at the winter white wonderland. As a child I always thought it looked like God had sprinkled confectioners sugar all over. Figures I would find a way to work sweets into that equation : )

Since the kids were young, Bryan has always been the one to take them out in the snow. Building snowmen, sledding and having snowball fights. He has invented new ways to entertain them. He even had chair races on the frozen pond outside our house! The girls are always anxious to see what the daddy will come up with next! I always stay warmly tucked in the house, awaiting them with hot chocolate loaded with plenty of marshmallows.

So here are a few of my fondest memories of autumn. Also a few pictures I took today, with my iPhone5...yes...while driving. But to my defense, we were stuck in a little traffic jam, so we were practically standing still...

Hello Jack Frost!

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