Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Project Life: March 17~23

Kraft is in the house! I was super excited to hear AC Digitals is bringing a new edition every Monday. SO when Kraft made their debut, I immediately downloaded it. Now I only download the journal cards and title cards. Everything else to me is not necessary, I feel I can use all those cards for my needs. And the best part of these new releases...there are 50 journal cards!! Yes, 50!! So for people like me who get easily bored with the monotony of the same 25 cards will be in for a treat! I also downloaded the Midnight journal cards this week. Though this is not one of my favs, I felt I could use yellow and black with most of the editions. OK, so on with the week: The highlight being my daughter's play and her having a major role and just being a 5th grader is on the top of the list. I am just so proud and in awe of this spectacular child. When she is on stage, singing her heart out, it seriously brings tears to my eyes....words can't even explain what my heart feels. So anywho, she was an epic Scuttle in The Little Mermaid Jr! Then the second highlight was my adorable iPhone case I ordered from the highly talented Kiki VanNess. She has a shop on Etsy AND a Facebook page. You pick out your "theme" and/or "colors" and let her know your likes and dislikes and she will make it up for you...custom! Love this! How great of a present for someone (or yourself). So check her out!  short & sweet this week.
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Project Life: March 10-16

I have to say, I kinda loved this week (with the except with the exception of Natalya being sick) it was a pretty awesome week
This week's Project Life I used mostly Cathy Z's new journal cards. I love her simple lines and her color scheme was exactly what I wanted for this week. Currently, my album literally has a different color scheme and theme every single week- that's okay! I don't mind changing it up and the last two years I did Project Life I used one single core kit.  So that's why this year I thought I would change it up.
I did do something a little cool and different this week. If you've noticed I always use a day sticker on my journaling cards.. just visually, it's what I'm used to. I like reading the journal card that has "mon" on it knowing that it represents Monday's picture. 
But on Thursday I did not have a day of the week sticker to match that card and I wanted to match that orangey red colored heart. I've run into this problem multiple times. So this time I used a journal card from the love collection: I put into my Photoshop Elements. Grabbed any random day sticker and went into edit: fill layer: color.I then got my little ink dropper and clicked it on the heart  and then hit it on my day sticker. And voila...the exact color of the heart and I did the same thing when I wrote out the  word today. This realization opened up so many doors for me, it was a lightbulb moment!! I now realize I can use any day sticker I have digitally and change it to whatever color I want to match my current week. FYI: I noticed the new core kids do not have day stickers that's when I was getting a little panicky...this just solved that problem : ) 
Quick recap of my crazy week. My littlest was home sick the entire week with a high fever. My oldest came home from college for spring break. It was 60 on Sunday and snowed 2 inches on Saturday..gotta love March and it's unpredictability! That darn groundhog is clueless!!

 I also used this as a 6 X 12 insert. I'm still deciding on the picture for the back. I got this off of Etsy, 
from Design Editor Shop here.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Project Life: Week 10

This week I created all the journaling cards myself using Amy Tan's digital elements pack. I got them on AC Digitals website. Except for Thursday, that was a Clementine journal card. And also Friday & Saturday were Miss Tiina elements. I stayed within the  orange, yellow, green, blue color scheme. Not my favorite week creatively, but its recorded and printed out, so that is a feat in itself : )
I did use a cute saying my husband found on a website for t-shirts, it reads:
always be yourself
unless you can be a unicorn
then always be a unicorn

We both thought this to be hilarious! Our "off" sense of humor. We thought it'd fit our daughter Paulina to a "T". I also went to Dick Blick Art Supply store...omg, how I adore this store. I could seriously spend all day in here. I did buy toned grey & tan paper. Something I have never used before for my sketching. I also used pastel pencils for the first time, and I loved them...which I should have known, because pastels are one of my favorite mediums to create with. So at the end of the blog post, I included 2 of my drawings. Hope you all have a glorious week : )

And here a few of my eye sketches

 on toned gray paper. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Project Life: Feb 24th~March 2

This month was straight up Olive Edition. I was feeling a bit under the weather all week and was not that creative. I did use a few Thickers for writing out the week. I did crop down some of the Olive paper and use it in strips (like on Monday) for a journaling card. But other than that it was a normal week. On the personal side I did get my ears candled...strange but cool. The jury is still out as to wether I like this or not. I seemed to have a bit of an ear ache afterwards, and now I am full on sick : ( Probably coincidence, but I still feel like poop. My little one Natalya saved up all her allowance and any other extra money she received and  finally got her Kindle Fire HD. She was over the moon about this! It was nice to see her work so hard towards something : ) Had a wonderful day out with some old friends in the city. I forget how cool Philly is sometimes. I also had an evening out with some friends from the girls school. So I guess all in all it wasn't a bad week after all.
This is a short but sweet post. Have a great week everyone!!

 Here is the left side

...right side

Entire layout

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