Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Project Life: February 9th - 15th!

Hello everyone from the frozen tundra of Pennsylvania! We have so much snow it is ridiculous! This week I have embellished on my PL pages more than I ever due to the weather & being snowed in! Just to give you an idea...13 inches on Thursday, 5 more on Saturday and 4 more last night...ahhhh! Spring...how I long for you. OK, enough venting, & on to Project Life.

This week I used a mish mosh of cards. Mostly Dear Lizzy 5th & Frolic and the new Dear Lizzy from Micheal's. I also used a sheet of Crate Papers heart paper and made a few filler cards. It matched perfectly with the color scheme. I also had ordered buttons, and Stand-Outs all by the Crate Paper "Love Notes" line...uh-dorable! Also some new washi tape from Doodlebug, and who doesn't need more wahsi tape?? All from Two Peas

For my title card, I used a variety of white stickers and a little tag from recollection...it was 50% off at Michaels..yay!

This week I also used a lot of Studio Calico's wooden letters...love these soooo much!

I completely forgot about my "Just Add Color" edition from HSN. It has a ton of cute stickers...duh! See, this is what happens when you buy too many PL kits...you don't even know what you actually own, haha. I added a cute sticker to my Tuesday Instagram picture.

On Wednesday, my poor kitties went to the vet to be neutered...sniff, sniff....or should I say, snip, snip? Anywho, had to snap a picture of them in their carrier, looking horrified! Poor little guys! I used the add on kit from Studio Calico for the month of January. It was so cute, it was all about cats !

Valentines Day was nice. All adults worked, all kids had no school due to the foot of snow! Bryan & I do not go crazy on this holiday. We get cards for each other and a little something. I got him a new cutting board (which he LOVES!) and I got my favorite chocolates!

 Here is the complete left side

 and the right side:

The complete shabang...

This week I also added an extra insert, Design J..my fave! I took a ton of pictures! I love J because you can journal a little or add a bit of bling.

This week for the first time I made little vellum envelopes with sequins! I'm thinking of opening my Etsy shop back up, and putting a few up to see if they even sell. I use my Silhouette to cut various shapes and back it with vellum and on the front just a page protector. I fill them with sequins. I made them to fit into the square pocket of the Design J. I can make them in any size too. I'm going to experiment a bit and see what I can come up with. I just ordered a TON of sequins from Malaysia, & can't wait till they arrive! 

...and that concludes our Valentine's week 2014. Thanks for stopping by & I will be linked up with Jessica on The Mom Creative Blog!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Project Life: February 2nd-8th

Here is another week of the lovely Project Life. This week I used some of the Midnight Edition and some of the yellow cards from the Slate Edition. I loved the flow of this sunflower yellow color. As a matter of fact I already set up the next few weeks with specific color themes. I use to do my Project Life by core kit/edition. But now with all the kits I have, I love combining them. It keeps things a little more loose.

This week we got hit with some stinky weather!!!! Snow, ice and a lot of power outages across the state. We were fortunate enough to not have lost power for more than 30 minutes, but there were people who lost their power for days.

The kids has school only 2 days this week and both of those days had a 2 hour delay! On an up note, I got together with 2 of my dear friends...but totally forgot to take a picture of us together! We were so caught up in conversation (and wine :) that it completely slipped my mind. So instead I took a picture of the wine bottles. It worked : )

 My daughter Paulina  had her 6th grade...a little blush, lipgloss & some curls...she looked beautiful!

I also used some freebies from Cathy Z about Groundhog Day. The stinker saw his shadow...so 6 more weeks of winter...no duh! It was a week I was able to add a bit more embellishments since we were snowed in for a few days. It was fun and made me miss scrapping 12 x 12 style. But I have 2 new projects underway:
Childhood 6 x 8 Project Life style &
Hawaii 12 x 12 Project Life style.
I will post a few updates in a week or two. I will be working on them both this Thursday with a friend who I recently recruited to PL...Yay!!

Here is the complete layout. Sorry for the bad lighting. I usually shoot in front of my doorway that has awesome natural light. But the sun was setting and it started to snow...so there was no good light. So I had to take with no flash. A bit warm, but it'll due. Have a wonderful week!!
I will be linked up with Jessica over at The Mom Creative Blog. Thank you for stopping by!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Project Life 2014

It has been one heck of a month! Winter has reared its ugly head! We have had soooo much snow, its ridiculous....and we're getting another 4-8 inches tomorrow...ugh. But I have been slacking on my blog and not posting any of the layouts. Good news, I'm not one day behind on the actual process of Project Life! Yay! Still so in love with this project and going on my 4th year! Yay me : )
So here is an overview of my title page and my January spreads.

For the title page I used Just Jaimee Storyteller December 2013 line. LOVED this whole line.

I started this year out exactly on January 1-4...this meaning week 1 consisted of January 1-4. So the left side of my layout was our resolutions and a few random pictures. The right side was the end of the week. I used Just Jaimee again. But this time I used the January Storyteller 2014. I also used a button from Studio Calico. I decided this year I would subscribe to the Studio Calico monthly Project Life Kit. They also have a card kit & a scrapbook kit on a monthly subscription. I can not even begin to express how much I love these kits! I am like a little kid waiting at the mailbox when I know that kit is in transit! I love all the different goodies I get each month. Check it out, well worth it!

Week 2: I used Simple Stories Daily Grind line. I love the rainbow colors! I got these from 2 Peas. I use the stickers and elements on many different weeks. Super cute! The last card is from the Studio Calico PL kit "Copper Mountain". I have to add that their cards are of the best card stock I have ever had my hands on!

Moving right along. I am going to add, while being snowed in and waiting the new Strawberry PL kit, I was forced to buy all the kits I had previously had digitally. My addiction is getting pretty scary...

Ok, so moving right along... Week number 3 was actually one of my favorite layouts! I chose the Kraft edition and chose only the red cards. I LOVE the result! I also used some Dear Lizy elements, Studio Calico and Doodlebug letters.

Cute, right?? I also added another page, Design J. I had a lot of pictures for the week. I actually used my Silhouette for the "READ"cut out.  Also I am a bit addicted to the wooden elements from Studio Calico.

Week 19-25, I used the new Maggie Holmes at Michaels. I love that I can use a 50% coupon and get a full core kit for $15 buck...can I hear an amen? I have been getting away from using the traditional 4 x 6 pictures and using a square picture and using a bit more embellishments. I only use this when I have a bit of extra time. And since we have been snowed in quite a lot this month, I was able to embellish quite a lot!

And finally, last week. In this layout I used mostly digital elements. I loved Misstiina's  LIVE.LIFE.HAPPY line. See has the cutest elements ever, & I love how they all match.

I also added a few "What we are.." watching, eating. I like to document this to see how much we change from year to year. I am also going to include what we are: playing, reading, listening to.
So here is the first month of my Project Life! Sorry it was so long. Starting next week I will be posting weekly....not monthly! I believe Jessica is back to Project Life Tuesdays...yay!! I missed all the inspiration! I will be linked up with Jessica over at The Mom Creative Blog.