Monday, April 15, 2013

Project Life: *Birthday Style*

SO this week was my birthday...47!! What? Seriously, I have no idea how that happened. Last time I checked I was 30 something...? Anywho that is a whole other blog post! But this birthday was pretty wonderful. Lots of good wishes from friends around the world. And I continued my tradition of spending the day with my amazing friend Wendy! We went to the Scrapbook Expo & shopped our little hearts out! My family and I went out to dinner at Bonefish Grill, delicious! Alrighty then, lets get down to business & the lovely Project Life...
This week was all about orange since it was  my bday week. I used mostly the Kraft edition & a few of Cathy Z's journal cards. I was going to do extra 8 x 8 layouts for the Phillies game on the 9th & my bday, but instead opted for  4 x 6 collages. I used the Lilypad collages. I find she has so many sizes that I always find one that fits all my photo's. She has quite a few, some have the white border, and some of the collages have no borders. So check before you purchase & download. And they're only $4 for 20! Bargain city! I have a ton of them : ) I also went on a photo excursion with my friend Tiffany. It was refreshing to get out and shoot again! Then we went to the beautiful Tabora Farms for some coconut rum coffee. Though it is spring here in PA, nothing is really blooming, or for that case, even budding. So you really had to take a close look at your surroundings to find something interesting to shoot. At the end of the post I added a few of the pictures I took. I edited them on my iPad in the app DeluxeFX. This added color, texture & a bit more interest. I will print these out in 4 x 4 and use "Design I" to display in my PL. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Project Life: Easter Style

This week was a fun one for Project Life. Though I used the usual "Design A" for the weeks layout, I also added a few additional sizes. I added a 5 x 7 for Paulina & Natalya's Easter shot. And then I used a 12 X 12 collage from Simple as that Blog. I printed it out as an 8 x 8. I love Rebecca's collages! She has a great instagram one also. For my title card I used the Kraft Edition. The journaling cards are in rainbow order. For those I used almost every kit I have downloaded and even created one : ) On Monday's picture I added a tag. This tag must be from well over 8 years old. That is yet another thng I love about Project Life...using up all those little doo-dads you have hanging around collecting dust. This week I also received an early birthday present from my new Canon Rebel T3i!! I am in love with this baby even though I still have a ton to learn!
This is another short post due to the fact I have about an hour or so to get ready before I pick up my girls and head to Philly for the Phillies baseball game!! Yay! It is 80 degrees out, which is very unusual for April. But hey, I'll take it...along with some crab fries & an ice cold beer : )
Have an awesome week!
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My cutie pies in 5 x 7 style!


These are the photo collages. I love how I was able to squeeze in so many pictures!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


OK, so I am always doing posts on Project Life...mainly because it is my priority. But I thought I'd do a little post about the lovely fluffiness I am blessed with on a daily basis. So those of you who are not feline lovers, you can just bypass this post : (
Our cats are part of our family. We all contribute to taking care of them. The girls feed them in the am, and brush them out occasionally. I feed them in the pm & take them for their vet check ups. My husband has litter box duty...thank God! Bryan and I love them to jump on our beds while we watch our evening programs. Our two newest ones, Sonic & Marmalade (aka Duke) are finally getting use to being around us...after a year! Our grandpa kitty, Archie is so old he has no whiskers! But is the sweetest cat I have ever had! I love to snuggle with them & hear their purr machines kick in!
So ode to the kitties in everyone's life!

  This is Sonic...he use to be a maniac & pee all over...but thank heavens he grew out of that!

Below is Archie...grandpa kitty

Sonic once again with his beautiful green eyes!

Below is Marmalade...he is the fluffiest kitty ever!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Project Life: March 24-30

I'm still loving my Kraft & Midnight Editions that I downloaded from AC Digitals! I used primarily yellow and turquoise this week. I also added a Heidi Swapp banner with pop ups that I ordered from the lovely Kathryn at Check her out, she is fabulous & a real sweetheart! I used a title card from The Midnight Edition & just mixed and matched the journal cards for the rest of the week. Simple but effective.
On the personal side: Sunday was the end of Paulina's play! Everyone in the family came to see her. Bryan even changed the reader board at Domino's to congratulate Paulina's performance. The family came over to the house after and we all ate and drank and had a wonderful time! Bryan & I had an awesome date night on Wednesday. We went to see the very talented Joan Osbourne. We had a table right up front....and I mean right up front! My feet were literally on the stage : ) She puts on an awesome show! The girls are now obsessed with The Voice! They can not wait for each new episode & Paulina is already plotting her performance when she turns 15! Lol! Look out world, there is no stopping that child now! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!
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