Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Project Life: Feb 17th ~ 23rd

Week 8 in Project Life & I feel like I am finally getting my mojo back. I used mostly Miss Tiina Vector Set. I was feeling dreary from this cold, damp, rainy weather. So I thought I would put a bit of color onto my pages. I used black & white photo's. A few have a pop of color. I love the look of it. I also used a Cathy Z's Tiny Templates for my extra journaling space. I found out that it was Judy Blumes Birthday the week prior. Someone had posted this picture of one of her books on Facebook. I LOVED this book as a child (I loved all her books as a child), but this one really took me back! So I made it into a journal card...and I love it : )

I used the regular Becky Higgins Design A for my main layout

I had a ton of pictures this week, so I used Design I for all my instagram photo's. I added a little black strip, so I could explain a bit about each picture.

 Also my girls love this app on my iPhone called Pocketbooth. We had fun shooting a few pictures at the bus stop and then at Panera Bread. I think it captures their true personalities...haha! I used Photoshop Elements to creat a 8.5 X 11 document. Then placed three of the photo strips onto it. Printed it out on matte photo paper and decorated it with a few letter stickers & doodles. I used a regular page protector from Staples.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Project Life: Feb. 10-16

This week in Project Life I followed no rules...not that there are any rules to break. But I used a bunch of different cards from different lines. I even (digitally) designed my own date card using "Color my Love"element pack from Katie Pertiet. Most of the other cards were from Cathy Z.'s Valentine journal cards. I even used two from the Clementine collection. I loved the continuity of all the red & pink. It got my message across that is was Valentine's week.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Project Life: Week 6

This week was a bit more creative for me. I used Seafoam for the date card. I also used a digital week stamp which I downloaded from Etsy. I am sooooin love with these stamps! I probably won't use them every week, but at least every other week. It helps me to keep track of the week I'm on. Plus it comes in a png. & PDF files. So you can use digitally or just print them out and add to any project. I also used up my extra journal pocket with a quote (which I never do). Usually I have such an abundance of photo's, I can't bare putting in a filler card. I got the quote from Simple as that Blog.
This week I also added quite a few pictures right on my journaling cards. Sometime my main picture doesn't cover my entire point I'm trying to get across. So another picture is needed, enter, a little one I put in digitally while journaling...and voila, problem solved : )
I also used Katie Pertiet's "Color My Love Kit" on Friday's journal card. These elements are so cute & colorful, just what I needed this week. I also added an 8 x 8 photo. I edited this using my app Diptic. I just used an 8 x 8 clear page protector instead of trimming a 12 x 12 & sewing oMy cats were busy this week catching mice so of course, I had to capture that. And my lovely husband caught a few of the girls drooling over the "My Little Pony" section in Wal-Mart...priceless! And then once they got home, playing very intently with their ponies. So decided to make an extra addition to my Project Life.

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Above is the left side of week 6

Above is the right side of week 6

These two are the diptic edits

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Project Life~Weeks 4 & 5

This week was mostly done with Seafoam journaling cards. I had already printed out the date card in the Olive Edition, so I kept it in. I did use CathyZ.'s instagram freebie for my extra journal slot. I really am digging that! I used it for my current obsession: guava grapefruit sorbet! I also added an extra page, Design D for my Snowflake Ball & Catholic Schools Week layouts. I find I have not scrapped any events in the past 3 years since doing PL. So when a special event comes up, I just add an extra page. This is why I always have 2 Project Life albums for each year. I'm sure I'm working my way up to 3...
I made (from my digital goodies stash), the title cards for The "Snowflake Ball" & "Catholic Schools Week" If you are interested in the info on them just shoot me an email, or comment below & I'll supply all links. Week 5 was straight up Seafoam journal cards with a splash of rainbow cards to mix it up a bit. I also sew an extra flip up for long journaling. I find the weekends we have done a lot & one card is not sufficient. So I just sew an extra pocket on. Simple. I also got in my monthly dividers!!! Yes. I need to have these in my book! It makes life so much easier when I am looking for a specific event. If you have not ordered these, or are on the fence about it, well worth the money.

Below is the journal card that I made as a flip up. I sew a 3 x 4 size clear journal pocket & then sew it onto the PL page...& there you have it. Makes life easier for those long stories you have to tell.

Below are 2 collages I made on my Diptic App on my iPad. I usual post these on Facebook and Instagram. I also print them out in an 8 x 8 size. I then can add them to my Project Life album using an 8 x 8 clear page protector : )


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