Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Project Life: March 9th-April 5th

Ok, so its been a month for Project life. My printer was NOT cooperating, nor my iMac. So, very long story short...bought a new computer : ) This made Danielle very happy! I am going to go through each week. As usual I picked a different core kit every week and added a bunch of embellishments from Studio Calico and way too many others to type out. If there is anything that catches your eye and I did not comment on what brand it was, just leave a comment below.

The week of March 9-15. I used a lot of black & white cards with pops of aqua. I love this color scheme. Most cards are from the Midnight kit. Title letters and washi tape are Doodlebug (which is still one of my very favorite lines.) Doodlebug stays true to their color scheme and it has been well over a decade. I can still use bits and pieces from various this! Plus the colors just make me happy!

Love this cute button from Flair!

The cork circles are from Studio Calico.

For the week of March 16 through the 22nd I used mostly green. I figured it was St. Patricks Day, in which we are in no Irish at all, but though it looked cute. This is where my printer went totally in printing fluorescent orange!!! I thought I was going to through it out the window. But I put PL aside and just journaled in the app Cozi. This kept my sanity. Plus my husband was redoing the laundry room. A project that was supposed to take 3-4 days turned into weeks. Yes, weeks of clutter (that is more than the usual clutter in our household), all through my downstairs. Danielle was not a happy momma! But anywho, here is the week....

Once again the Doodlebug washi makes an appearance. I also used Freckled Fawn's wood veneer house

 Moving right along to my favorite week for TWO reasons. One, it's the Strawberry Kit!!!!!! Yay, sooooo in love with these colors! And second, it was the week of my girls play and they looked so beautiful. They did such an outstanding job! Sooo proud! Now, I downloaded this kit the week prior, but remember...I had NO printer...ahhhhh. Talk about being in pain! TO have the Strawberry kit and being unable to print it: pure torture! But alas, got my printer working AND a new imac and viola: happy momma once again!

I didn't add any extra pizzaz on these pages. I felt I wanted the colors to stand alone...and oh, aren't they lovely?? This week we also had the throw up bug blow threw our house. That is always a good time...NOT. And my son Addison went to West Virginia to hang with his boys. We also celebrated my mothers 73 birthday.
I did add an extra 8 x 8 page with the girls all dolled up for the play. I did all the make up for the main fairies. It was so much fun to be involved with the play : )

And here we are with the week of March 30th through April 5th. I used Amy Tangerine's Plus One kit. I got this kit from HSN, it seemed so small. I don't know if I'm just use to the core kits having so much more meat and bones to them. But I also ordered a ton of embellishments from 2 Peas and So I had lots of fun added some Amy goodness to my pages. Love the skinny washi tape!!

This week Paulina also started a new theater group. She had tryouts for Aladdin Jr. She got the role of the Genie, which is exactly what she wanted! Her voice is like pure sunshine!

And there you have it a month of Project life. Thanks to my wonderful friend Roo to jump start this wonderful hobby for me. I look forward to many scrap dates with her. I will be linked up with Jessica lover at The Mom Creative Blog. Thank you for stopping by. And sorry for all the typo's, but I am horrible at spell check : ) have an awesome week!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Project Life: March 2nd - 8th

This week I had so much going on I was not too focused. I am taking a class at Big Picture Classes. Its called Before your Story. It is such an awesome class! I am swarming with emotion and memories. It is basically a scrapbook that you will finish in 6 weeks. It is Project Life style pockets. It is about your childhood...need I say more! So anywho, working on 2 major projects, working full time, running 3 kids around, I was a little "all over the place". But this weeks Pl came together rather nicely. I didn't keep up with it daily, like I usually do. So I found out that I forgot a lot of the little details. There is more decorative journal cards than I have ever used, simply because I could not remember what the heck I did that day. I'm getting old and the memory isn't as sharp as it use to be...ha!

Getting back to business: This week I used mostly Studio Calico monthly PL kits. I am clueless as to which ones are which. I just grab what looks good. I also used the Jade Edition 4 x 6 textured cards. I found the reddish and green one matched the color scheme perfectly. This week: work stunk, all our new funky glasses came in, Ash Wednesday, and the girls started swim class. Now I know they are 9 & 11....but we never got around to lessons. It wasn't apparent until swim parties came along and they were the only 2 at the shallow end...epic fail on my part : (

I used a bunch of wood veneers from Elle's Studio . This was the first time I ordered from them. Shipping was pretty speedy and I love the product! It was a birthday celebration so I also got a few cute 3 x 4 journal cards.

Oh and I almost hubby got me a new washer and dryer. Though they are still in the box and sitting in the middle of my kitchen. We are now in the process of re doing the laundry room...yay!!

Thats about all for this week. I will be linked up with the wonderful Jessica over at The Mom Creative Blog. Tons and tons of inspiration on that blog! Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Project Life: February 16t -March 1st

Hello everyone! Here are my next 2 weeks of Project Life. I didn't post last week due to my back going out...not fun! I was out of work for a few days and couldn't do a thing : (

But let's dive into week 8: February 16-22. I used all core kits from Dear Lizzy. I mixed and matched as usual. The "hello" sticker is from Heidi Swapp's new line. The button is from Crate Paper's line "Love Notes". I also used a bunch of sequins that I ordered from Happie Scrappie. She has wonderful stuff in her shop and she is super talented. It does come from Singapore, so it took a few weeks...but well worth it! I even saved the beautiful stamps from the package.

We did get more over this winter...but I won't bore you with my complaining. At least it was pretty and I got to take a few cool pictures of the ice. I used Heidi Swapp letters, a rub on from Studio Calico & more sequins.

Later on in the week, prior to my back injury, I made my husband some muffins. Baking is the only type of cooking I actually enjoy. He does 90% of the cooking (love him)! I even included the recipe on a 3 x 4 journal card and tucked it behind the 4 x 6 card.  I also added a journal card of the video games my girls are currently hooked on. I thought that'd be cool for them to look back on.

I also included this week a little card from Starbucks with my favorite latte.

I finally got the KIWI EDITION!!!! Looked forever and finally found one in Philadelphia at Jo Ann's! My girlfriend Rupai was in the neighborhood and picked it up. She used a d40% coupon, PLUS an extra 15% coupon! Whoo hoo! Then we split the wound up costing $7! Bargain city people! I am so in love with this kit! I wasn't even going to get it, but I must have been on Pinterest and saw a PL layout and that was all it took. PS, I have converted my friend Rupali and she is now a Project Lifer too! Yay I now have a partner in crime : )

Below, I enlarged a picture to 6 x 8. My husband took the girls to Peace Valley Park to play snow football. I was still laid up in bed. That is why there are a lot of filler cards and not much journaling this week.

I did manage to have a drink with my husband. For Christmas my best friend got me a 3 month subscription to The Julibox. Its like a monthly club that has alcohol. It comes with the bottles and a bunch of recipes, super cute! I used a Crate Paper button and washi tape and a wooden house from Freckled Fawn.

Finally got back to work on Thursday. We went out to eat at a local pub. I love Easter because it is the return of orange peeps! My hubs surprised me with a package!

This weekend the girls journaled. Friday Natalya had a sleep over her best friends house, so she journaled her night. On Saturday, Bryan took Paulina to Pawsibilities, a no kill cat shelter. So she journaled the experience. I LOVE having them write their thoughts down. Even though they keep their own PL, this is truly a family project.

That is the past 2 weeks. We are getting ready for yet another snow storm on the east coast in the US. Hope you are keeping warm in your part of the world!
I will be linked up with Jessica over at The Mom Creative Blog. A TON of inspiration on her Tuesday share!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Project Life: February 9th - 15th!

Hello everyone from the frozen tundra of Pennsylvania! We have so much snow it is ridiculous! This week I have embellished on my PL pages more than I ever due to the weather & being snowed in! Just to give you an idea...13 inches on Thursday, 5 more on Saturday and 4 more last night...ahhhh! I long for you. OK, enough venting, & on to Project Life.

This week I used a mish mosh of cards. Mostly Dear Lizzy 5th & Frolic and the new Dear Lizzy from Micheal's. I also used a sheet of Crate Papers heart paper and made a few filler cards. It matched perfectly with the color scheme. I also had ordered buttons, and Stand-Outs all by the Crate Paper "Love Notes" line...uh-dorable! Also some new washi tape from Doodlebug, and who doesn't need more wahsi tape?? All from Two Peas

For my title card, I used a variety of white stickers and a little tag from was 50% off at Michaels..yay!

This week I also used a lot of Studio Calico's wooden these soooo much!

I completely forgot about my "Just Add Color" edition from HSN. It has a ton of cute stickers...duh! See, this is what happens when you buy too many PL don't even know what you actually own, haha. I added a cute sticker to my Tuesday Instagram picture.

On Wednesday, my poor kitties went to the vet to be neutered...sniff, sniff....or should I say, snip, snip? Anywho, had to snap a picture of them in their carrier, looking horrified! Poor little guys! I used the add on kit from Studio Calico for the month of January. It was so cute, it was all about cats !

Valentines Day was nice. All adults worked, all kids had no school due to the foot of snow! Bryan & I do not go crazy on this holiday. We get cards for each other and a little something. I got him a new cutting board (which he LOVES!) and I got my favorite chocolates!

 Here is the complete left side

 and the right side:

The complete shabang...

This week I also added an extra insert, Design fave! I took a ton of pictures! I love J because you can journal a little or add a bit of bling.

This week for the first time I made little vellum envelopes with sequins! I'm thinking of opening my Etsy shop back up, and putting a few up to see if they even sell. I use my Silhouette to cut various shapes and back it with vellum and on the front just a page protector. I fill them with sequins. I made them to fit into the square pocket of the Design J. I can make them in any size too. I'm going to experiment a bit and see what I can come up with. I just ordered a TON of sequins from Malaysia, & can't wait till they arrive! 

...and that concludes our Valentine's week 2014. Thanks for stopping by & I will be linked up with Jessica on The Mom Creative Blog!