Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Anybody ready for December Daily??

This is my first year attempting December Daily. I've been a Project Lifer for 2 years. But now that I have that under control & have a good rhythm, I thought I'd tackle December Daily. Now I hear a lot of other people asking what the difference between PL & DD. Either project can be approached anyway you feel comfortable with. For me: I use Project Life for our family's daily routine. For instance, what we like for breakfast, what we are currently reading or watching. Basically whatever we do on a daily basis for that exact moment. But December Daily will be created for our family's Christmas traditions. When we decorate the tree, making pizzelle's, The Feast of the Seven Fishes, or singing Christmas songs into hair brushes while dancing around the kitchen like crazy people. So some will be traditional and some not so traditional. I am going to make 25 pages. Each day will have the date: Saturday, December 1 2012. I downloaded Ali Edward's December Overlays. I also got an early Christmas present from a dear friend which was the Teresa Collins December Countdown Kit. That will be the main "guts" of the project along with left over Basic Grey elements. I am looking forward to creating this little mini scrapbook. I'm trying to get the basics done. So once December 1st rolls around, all I will need to do is add a picture & the story behind it. I'm sure it will be one my girls, Paulina & Natalya, will enjoy reading over and over again. Maybe even my college bound son, Addison!

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