Monday, June 24, 2013

Project Life: June 16th - 22nd!

This was our first official full week of summer break! The week flew by! I used all of the Rad Dad Edition from AC Digitals. First of all I was in need of a little change up, had orange in it, seriously, how bad could it be? I enjoyed this kit, but truthfully, I won't use it too often. I would possibly use it for my husband's b-day and other "manly" holidays. I used a few Cathy Z. templates a gadgets. Love her side bar titles (Mondays 4 x 6 picture) & her ribbon sayings (I used one on fridays 4 x 6 picture). As always, I use my day of the week digi stamps for ALL my journaling cards. My eye is use to looking for one to match up with the picture. I've been using them for three years and I can't seem to stop. Besides: I like the look of them : ) I also used some dingbats for my Thursday journal card. I forget I have about a million of them. I think they add a little interest to the journaling too

The entire week spread. This week consisted of Father's Day & a trip to NJ. Our family attempting to play badminton!! Our pool being cleaned up and ready to go. My sister coming to visit. And the girls and my husband participating in Relay for Life.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Project Life: June 9th - 15th

This lovely week of project life was once again Honey edition! I am thinking of purchasing the Rain Edition. I do love the green/blue/purple color scheme, but it reminds me of Springtime. But I am thinking it will be good for "water" pictures, anything from the ocean to the pool. So I may be placing an order at Amazon very soon. But getting back to business... Didn't do too much embellishing this week. During these busy weeks, I tend to be happy that I got pictures taken & the story told. I seem to notice I play more with stickers and mixing core kits when I have a solid few hours to do PL. This was not one of those weeks.
Sunday after church we were on a hunt once again for the Rainbow Looms! We found them, all the way in Richboro!! We bought a boat load of them, and I mean a boat load! Bryan got the grill sparked up and we had our first cookout/BBQ of the season! Yay! Apple gave its Keynote Presentation on Monday, I was glued to my iPad Monday after the girls were in excited for ios7! We had a hysterical game of wiffle ball! We had the entire family out there! Friday was the girls last day of school. I used Cathy Z's free download which you can get here! I also added 8 pictures of the wiffle ball game. I used Design H. Here is the front & back.

 Here is the first part of my week & where I used my Cathy Z. card. I also used a bifold card for my title card. I just added the date & a mini title in Photoshop Elements.

Here is the second part of the week. Friday's picture is of a marigold. I used my iPhone with my olloclip. You can read more about this here!

And here is the entire spread. I usually take my pictures in front of an open door - NOT in direct sunlight and I do not use a flash. I stand on a chair.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Project Life: June 2nd - 8th

This was a super busy week! I used the Honey Edition, which is still my reigning favorite. I will put this out here first. Last week I had posted that we were half way through the year and that I was starting Volume 2. Yeah well I must have been absent the week in school when they went over the months of the year! Duh!! We are NOW going into our 6th month. So after the last week in June I will then start Volume 2 of Project Life. Alrighty then, lets back to the busy week...
I found out my 18 year old, slender, healthy, athletic son has high blood pressure...really high, like scary high. He is on meds & the doctors are stumped to why he even has it. On the upside, my favorite launch came out at work. All About Orange for MAC Cosmetics...yay!! My daughter sang in her Spring Recital...beautiful. Here is a 2 minute clip if you want to hear a beautiful 10 year old sing : )

I got a night out with my husband, yes! So all in all it was a fabulous week. So much happened I added an insert of Design J. Here is 6 extra pictures that are all from my iPhone5.... I love my phone : )

Here is another insert. It is a 4 x 6 template. But I printed it out as an 8 x 10. I wanted it to be more of a focal page since it was such an incredible performance.

Here are my base pages. As always I used Design A. I can't seem to stray from this format.

 A few little close ups

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Project Life: May 26 - June 1

This week went by so fast! We were all busy with projects and activities. I used the Blush Edition again this week. I did add the date using SN@P Simple Story Letters. They came in a pack of 8 different colors. I got them from Michael's using a coupon...I think they were about $2! I am going back for more! I'm actually getting use to my own handwriting. It helps because I am using Becky's Project Life Pens. I didn't think they'd be any different then any other pen/marker, but they seriously are! Smooth is all I can say. And I love, love, love the fact that they are housed in that nifty durable plastic's the little things : )

I also love the different points on them. They range from 03-08. And they include blue, red & brown! Plus 2 Slick Writers for writing on slick surfaces (duh). Got these from HSN, bargain city!
For the first half of the week, I continued with the Blush Edition. I did add some Doodlebug letters on the Monday card & the Tuesday 4 x 6 picture. I find this adds a little pop to the story & a little jazz to a photo, especially the Tuesday  4 x 6. On Sunday I used my favorite templates EVER! I use these at least once a week when I have an abundance of photo's for a certain day. I got these from The Lily Pad. They rock and are simple to use in PSE.
I used the app Cycloramic for the first time ever...crazy! It actually makes your phone do a 360! It turns it by you placing it on vibrate! Insane, and so fun to use. We apparently had it on the wrong setting and it took a crazy picture of my friend & I....too funny! But if you have an iPhone 5, it is worth checking out.

These are the SN@P letters. Super affordable and come in great colors.

These are the doodlebug letters I used. They are so whimsical and fit the Blush Edition perfectly!
 I went to Google images and looked up the app, and then printed out the logo for it!


These are the Lily Pad templates...LOVE! For $4 you get 20 different templates with the white border.

The second half of the week was a whirlwind! The girls had their schools field day, which they call Maroon & Gold much fun! And my best friends daughter graduated from high school...our old high school! Our Lady of Mercy Academy in New Jersey, I am sorry I had to miss the ceremony. But I was able to make it to the party on Saturday. I decided to end volume 1 of Project Life on June 1st. The next binder will start with Sunday, June 2 until the end of the year, December 31st. Since I had the back page of Design A left blank, I added some pictures of Maroon & Gold Day.

And the last page for this binder, Volume ONE of 2013! I'm not sure if you realize this...but we are half way through the year!

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