Friday, November 23, 2012

Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark!

Oh, yes! This is possibly the easiest recipe AND the most delicious snack ever! I found it here on Pinterest from Mary Ellen M. Hit the Pinterest link for the original recipe. The only thing I changed was the chocolate chips. Instead of a bag (about 2 cups) of chocolate chips, I used 5 different types of chips. It was merely coincidence that I had such a variety in the house, but a lucky one. I used: semi sweet, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate & butterscotch! Let me tell you...I could have eaten the entire batch! There is not one person that has tasted this and has not either, non-stop stuffed in their mouths, or asked for the recipe. So give it a try. It is 5 simple ingredients. You won't be sorry, but your waistline may : (


  1. Love that you posted this! Can't wait to attempt the recipe :D

  2. This is seriously the BEST TREAT EVER