Friday, November 29, 2013

30 Days of Thankful: Week 4

As we wind down our "30 Days" project, I am just loving this little mini scrapbook I've created! Once again, if you are new to this, check out Cathy Z. here! Here is the final week, well actually I have one more day. But next week I will make a little video showing the album in its entirety. I still want to add a few additional pages that were included in the download I purchased. I believe I will add a closing page just to some up a last few thoughts. SO here we go....

Day 21, my little helper Natalya

                Day 22, North Face   

Day 23 Nights with my husband

       Day 24, my craft  

Day 25, my son

 Day 26, my Uggs

Day 27, my girls relationship 

     Day 28, my family

Day 29. my fuzzy slippers

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Project Life November 17-24

Hello everyone! Thanks for joining me for another week of Project Life.

This week was a miss mosh of "Just Add Color" and other odds & ends. I was feeling a bit eclectic : )
I am continuing with Design "F" for the first part of the week.

I used the clear/white letter stickers that came with the kit. Totally forgot about them. I added a few 2 x 2 squares to each journal card. I also added The North Face tag that came from my coat.

It was a cold first half of the week. The kitty condo is making significant progress : )

Above is "Design F". I gotta say, I love this design. Since I take a TON of photo's and always have such a hard time choosing one-this solved my problem....use them all, lol. This is my girls and I hard at work sanding, priming & painting the edition to the kitty condo...yes, we have a problem : )

Above is the second half of the week. And I went back to the basic "Design A". It was a busy half of the week!! I went to Philly with my bestie to see Flashdance The Musical. Well, not so all. But the drinks & apps were fun, and I was with one of my favorite people, so still worth it!

I added a few stickers to the journal cards. Sometimes I get so busy, I just journal and pop them in. And that is OK. But the times I actually have more than 15 minutes, I like to jazz it up a bit. I found my pages looking rather blah. So I am going to try to add a bit of umf to them : )

Above is the back side of "Design F". My daughter Natalya & I had our momma/daughter day. WE got manicures, got our hair done, went shopping & got yogurt. A pretty darn perfect day if you ask me. So again...took a TON of pics...perfect for this design!

I opened a lined journal card in PSE, added a Amy Tangerine digital element & journaled. I knew I had a lot to say and if I hand wrote it, it simply would not fit.

I even added the photo booth strip to the layout! What a special day it was for the both of us. I love this tradition that my husband & I created for the girls. I feel they really get some quality time with each of us this way.

Here is the entire week, minus the insert. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hope everyone enjoys the day. I am not looking forward to Black Friday : ( I work in the Retail Industry and despise this day. 

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

30 Days of Thankful: Week 3

Yes, it looks like I'm completing this project this year...yay me!  If you are new to this whole "30 Days" project, check it out here!  I am using the 6 x 8 format. I bought & downloaded the templates here. Hey they are on sale right now..$6.29...bargain city!! Cathy has a few different sizes, I went with the 6 x 8 because I am just loving this size right now. Next year, I'll probably change it up. I kept it pretty simple this week, just going with the pressure, just gratitude : )

Day 15} My son baby boy...who is this child to tears!

Day 16} My kitties...furry heaps of love & cuteness!

Day 17} My girls the St. Jude's Community!

Day 18} My very old car...

Day 19} Being alive...nuff said : )

Day 20} Friendship!

So there it is, a peek into what I am thankful for this week. I strive to be thankful on a daily basis and realize just how much I have to be grateful for! Thank you Cathy for this wonderful project. I will be linked up with the witty Cathy right here! Thank you for stopping by : )

Monday, November 18, 2013

Project Life: November 3rd -16th!

Hello everyone & hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weather...I guess you would have to live on the East coast. But I have to say, I am loving it & old man winter can take his time getting here! I have been loving a new project I have been doing called 30 Days of Thankful which you can read about here! I love Cathy and have been doing several of her projects for years including The Abridged Me, Halloween scrapbook & now 30 Days of Thankful. Anywho, I had to do a bit of catching up with my PL. Since I take a TON of pictures daily and so does my husband and kids, it wasn't too hard to catch up the last few days. I jot daily reminders onto my phone. I still love to add the "day" stickers onto my journal cards too.
For the week of November 3-9 I used the Simple Stories Sn@p line called "Her". It was originally bought for my daughters, but I loved the colors and decided to do a PL week with it. I usually get the 4 x 6 cards, the 3 x 4 cards & the stickers. I am really loving the Simple Stories Lines. I did my entire weeks vacation with the I {Heart} Summer line. I did a video on my youtube channel. You can check it out here. But getting back to PL, I used many of the stickers to embellish. I really stepped out of my comfort zone and for the second part of the week I actually used Design "D"! And you know what? I kinda loved it! I am continuing with this design still!

This week the girls and I took a trip to our local park. It is such a beautiful area! Many of the trees have already lost all their colorful we had to search! But we found a few beauties.

 Here are a few of the sticker letters I used:

Here is the entire week, along with the 8.5 x 11 insert, all by Becky Higgins.

Last week I used 5th & Frolic Edition & the Neapolitan Edition~all by Dear Lizzy. I love the colors in both these editions. Here are a few close ups.

Hope everyone enjoys their week! Thank you for stopping by : ) 
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Thursday, November 14, 2013

30 Days of Thankful: Week Two

OK, I am officially lovin' this project...whoo hoo! Two weeks and going strong. I didn't even have time to write a Project Life post, oops. Next Tuesday, promise. If you are just joining me and want to know more about this project of 30 Days of Thankful go here. Cathy is pretty awesome. This week I choose some things that were "deep" and a few that were not. It is whatever the day brings. With this project I am NOT forcing myself to "think" of something creative to write about or photograph. On a few pictures I had to search my archives. For me, this project is what I am thankful for that particular pressure. That is why some things are a bit more serious than others. I think at the end of the month I will do a short video on the completed book. Anywhoo, here is the second week, days 8 through14. Enjoy : )

My Kids having good grades...thank God they do NOT take after their mother : )

 The pretty!
My house. Here is the example of a picture that is years old. 

My hobbies! 

My Blentec..swoon!

Sunsets...corny, I know.

Starbucks...need I say more?

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Friday, November 8, 2013

30 Days of Thankful: Week 1

For the month of November I am embarking on a gratitude journey! I am using Cathy Z's, Thirty Days of Thankful Templates. I have attempted this little project last year, but never got around to it. SO this year I was a little more pro active. I bought a 6 x 8 binder at Michaels with a 50% coupon, decorated it and put the page protectors in it. Then when November 1st rolled around, I really had no excuse. It is easy to think of something I am grateful/thankful for each day! SO I am really enjoying this project...yay Cathy! I take a quick picture, jot down my thoughts about it and pop it all into PSE and print it out. Here is week one:

The cover which I painted, splattered, put some ribbon and used the wooden tag from Studio Calico 

Opening page

Pages one thru 7

 Now all the pages are 6 x 8, so they do have a white border around them. It looks very clean and sleek, I like it : ) You can't really tell because these are files taken from my computer. SO below is a picture of my book open, so you can get a better idea.

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