Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Project Life November 17-24

Hello everyone! Thanks for joining me for another week of Project Life.

This week was a miss mosh of "Just Add Color" and other odds & ends. I was feeling a bit eclectic : )
I am continuing with Design "F" for the first part of the week.

I used the clear/white letter stickers that came with the kit. Totally forgot about them. I added a few 2 x 2 squares to each journal card. I also added The North Face tag that came from my coat.

It was a cold first half of the week. The kitty condo is making significant progress : )

Above is "Design F". I gotta say, I love this design. Since I take a TON of photo's and always have such a hard time choosing one-this solved my problem....use them all, lol. This is my girls and I hard at work sanding, priming & painting the edition to the kitty condo...yes, we have a problem : )

Above is the second half of the week. And I went back to the basic "Design A". It was a busy half of the week!! I went to Philly with my bestie to see Flashdance The Musical. Well, not so good...at all. But the drinks & apps were fun, and I was with one of my favorite people, so still worth it!

I added a few stickers to the journal cards. Sometimes I get so busy, I just journal and pop them in. And that is OK. But the times I actually have more than 15 minutes, I like to jazz it up a bit. I found my pages looking rather blah. So I am going to try to add a bit of umf to them : )

Above is the back side of "Design F". My daughter Natalya & I had our momma/daughter day. WE got manicures, got our hair done, went shopping & got yogurt. A pretty darn perfect day if you ask me. So again...took a TON of pics...perfect for this design!

I opened a lined journal card in PSE, added a Amy Tangerine digital element & journaled. I knew I had a lot to say and if I hand wrote it, it simply would not fit.

I even added the photo booth strip to the layout! What a special day it was for the both of us. I love this tradition that my husband & I created for the girls. I feel they really get some quality time with each of us this way.

Here is the entire week, minus the insert. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hope everyone enjoys the day. I am not looking forward to Black Friday : ( I work in the Retail Industry and despise this day. 

I will be linked up with Jessica at The Mom Creative Blog

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