Friday, November 29, 2013

30 Days of Thankful: Week 4

As we wind down our "30 Days" project, I am just loving this little mini scrapbook I've created! Once again, if you are new to this, check out Cathy Z. here! Here is the final week, well actually I have one more day. But next week I will make a little video showing the album in its entirety. I still want to add a few additional pages that were included in the download I purchased. I believe I will add a closing page just to some up a last few thoughts. SO here we go....

Day 21, my little helper Natalya

                Day 22, North Face   

Day 23 Nights with my husband

       Day 24, my craft  

Day 25, my son

 Day 26, my Uggs

Day 27, my girls relationship 

     Day 28, my family

Day 29. my fuzzy slippers

I will be linked up with Cathy Z. over at her blog


  1. Hey Dani! I was also glad to have my girls all home at once. Hard to believe just two weeks and the younger two will be back again for Winter Break! I noticed the Bloomsburg tee on one of your daughters in that first photo - both of my younger girls are at Bloomsburg right now! Sorry you had to work on Black Friday. :( Kind of wishing that little tradition would just die quietly.

    1. Oh how I wish Black Friday ceased also : )