Monday, March 4, 2013

Project Life: Feb 24th~March 2

This month was straight up Olive Edition. I was feeling a bit under the weather all week and was not that creative. I did use a few Thickers for writing out the week. I did crop down some of the Olive paper and use it in strips (like on Monday) for a journaling card. But other than that it was a normal week. On the personal side I did get my ears candled...strange but cool. The jury is still out as to wether I like this or not. I seemed to have a bit of an ear ache afterwards, and now I am full on sick : ( Probably coincidence, but I still feel like poop. My little one Natalya saved up all her allowance and any other extra money she received and  finally got her Kindle Fire HD. She was over the moon about this! It was nice to see her work so hard towards something : ) Had a wonderful day out with some old friends in the city. I forget how cool Philly is sometimes. I also had an evening out with some friends from the girls school. So I guess all in all it wasn't a bad week after all.
This is a short but sweet post. Have a great week everyone!!

 Here is the left side

...right side

Entire layout

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  1. That photo of the clouds + sky is awesome! Was it just one of those days when the sky really looks like magic, or did you use anything to edit it?

    1. Hi Kelsey! The cloud coverage was exceptionally beautiful that day. This was actually in the parking lot of Whole Foods : )
      But unfortunately I live on the east coast where the sunsets aren't quite that colorful. So I did some editing on my iPad using my all time favorite app DeluxeFX.