Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Project Life: Week 10

This week I created all the journaling cards myself using Amy Tan's digital elements pack. I got them on AC Digitals website. Except for Thursday, that was a Clementine journal card. And also Friday & Saturday were Miss Tiina elements. I stayed within the  orange, yellow, green, blue color scheme. Not my favorite week creatively, but its recorded and printed out, so that is a feat in itself : )
I did use a cute saying my husband found on a website for t-shirts, it reads:
always be yourself
unless you can be a unicorn
then always be a unicorn

We both thought this to be hilarious! Our "off" sense of humor. We thought it'd fit our daughter Paulina to a "T". I also went to Dick Blick Art Supply store...omg, how I adore this store. I could seriously spend all day in here. I did buy toned grey & tan paper. Something I have never used before for my sketching. I also used pastel pencils for the first time, and I loved them...which I should have known, because pastels are one of my favorite mediums to create with. So at the end of the blog post, I included 2 of my drawings. Hope you all have a glorious week : )

And here a few of my eye sketches

 on toned gray paper. 


  1. Love the journal cards but I really love love love the title card! Great job!

  2. Never would have thought to use a t-shirt as a filler card. Love that idea!
    You are an amazing artist! Love the eyes.