Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Project Life: March 10-16

I have to say, I kinda loved this week (with the except with the exception of Natalya being sick) it was a pretty awesome week
This week's Project Life I used mostly Cathy Z's new journal cards. I love her simple lines and her color scheme was exactly what I wanted for this week. Currently, my album literally has a different color scheme and theme every single week- that's okay! I don't mind changing it up and the last two years I did Project Life I used one single core kit.  So that's why this year I thought I would change it up.
I did do something a little cool and different this week. If you've noticed I always use a day sticker on my journaling cards.. just visually, it's what I'm used to. I like reading the journal card that has "mon" on it knowing that it represents Monday's picture. 
But on Thursday I did not have a day of the week sticker to match that card and I wanted to match that orangey red colored heart. I've run into this problem multiple times. So this time I used a journal card from the love collection: I put into my Photoshop Elements. Grabbed any random day sticker and went into edit: fill layer: color.I then got my little ink dropper and clicked it on the heart  and then hit it on my day sticker. And voila...the exact color of the heart and I did the same thing when I wrote out the  word today. This realization opened up so many doors for me, it was a lightbulb moment!! I now realize I can use any day sticker I have digitally and change it to whatever color I want to match my current week. FYI: I noticed the new core kids do not have day stickers that's when I was getting a little panicky...this just solved that problem : ) 
Quick recap of my crazy week. My littlest was home sick the entire week with a high fever. My oldest came home from college for spring break. It was 60 on Sunday and snowed 2 inches on Saturday..gotta love March and it's unpredictability! That darn groundhog is clueless!!

 I also used this as a 6 X 12 insert. I'm still deciding on the picture for the back. I got this off of Etsy, 
from Design Editor Shop here.

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