Monday, March 10, 2014

Project Life: March 2nd - 8th

This week I had so much going on I was not too focused. I am taking a class at Big Picture Classes. Its called Before your Story. It is such an awesome class! I am swarming with emotion and memories. It is basically a scrapbook that you will finish in 6 weeks. It is Project Life style pockets. It is about your childhood...need I say more! So anywho, working on 2 major projects, working full time, running 3 kids around, I was a little "all over the place". But this weeks Pl came together rather nicely. I didn't keep up with it daily, like I usually do. So I found out that I forgot a lot of the little details. There is more decorative journal cards than I have ever used, simply because I could not remember what the heck I did that day. I'm getting old and the memory isn't as sharp as it use to be...ha!

Getting back to business: This week I used mostly Studio Calico monthly PL kits. I am clueless as to which ones are which. I just grab what looks good. I also used the Jade Edition 4 x 6 textured cards. I found the reddish and green one matched the color scheme perfectly. This week: work stunk, all our new funky glasses came in, Ash Wednesday, and the girls started swim class. Now I know they are 9 & 11....but we never got around to lessons. It wasn't apparent until swim parties came along and they were the only 2 at the shallow end...epic fail on my part : (

I used a bunch of wood veneers from Elle's Studio . This was the first time I ordered from them. Shipping was pretty speedy and I love the product! It was a birthday celebration so I also got a few cute 3 x 4 journal cards.

Oh and I almost hubby got me a new washer and dryer. Though they are still in the box and sitting in the middle of my kitchen. We are now in the process of re doing the laundry room...yay!!

Thats about all for this week. I will be linked up with the wonderful Jessica over at The Mom Creative Blog. Tons and tons of inspiration on that blog! Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

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