Monday, September 16, 2013

Project Life: September 8th - 14th!

Project Life was so much fun this week! I used a core kit that was an exclusive to Archiver's Stores. It is called the Slate Edition. As soon as I heard about this core kit I immediately called the closest Archivers...which is in Ohio! I live in PA, there isn't one Archivers in the stinkin' state! It cost more money than I usually pay for a core kit, but I liked the colors and knew I would use it in pieces as I do most of my kits. I ordered it in late May and it didn't arrive until late about anticipation! I used primarily all the red cards. That started simply by my husband wearing a red t-shirt on Sunday evening for the first photo that started the week. And there you have it, the complicated strategy I use for choosing my color scheme/core kit for the week. Haha! But anywho, the week was taken over by cute little kittens, wet & dry. I also used buttons that I bought on Etsy from Flair for Buttons! I love these buttons! I have ordered a ton! I have ordered ones that have to do with summer, coffee, camera' name it, she has it! It adds such a cute touch! And they are made beautifully & are inexpensive! Check her site out! Below is a camera button! Cute! I also used Doodlebug's Teensy Type Letters in Ladybug and Boutique Brads in Ladybug.

Here is the left side/Sunday through Tuesday:

And the right side/ Wednesday through Saturday:

 The entire layout...lovin' the red!!

...and a close up of me & my love. Here I used Cathy Z.'s stamp that you can download for free when you subscribe to her new newsletter.

I am linked up with the sweet Jessica at Mom Creative Blog.

Have an awesome week!!


  1. I love your red layout, and I LOVE flair for buttons!! I order from her all the time :) We don't have an Archiver's here, either :( in fact, the closest Michael's is a bit over 2 hours away - but the exclusive kits are worth it. Did you order the one on HSN today?

    1. Hi Emily! Yes, I did order the "Just Add Color" kit. I actually preordered it and just received it today!! Whoo too! I have a serious problem : ) I can not wait to create some new layouts with these. And I love that it came with page protectors!!