Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Project Life: Week 6

This week was a bit more creative for me. I used Seafoam for the date card. I also used a digital week stamp which I downloaded from Etsy. I am sooooin love with these stamps! I probably won't use them every week, but at least every other week. It helps me to keep track of the week I'm on. Plus it comes in a png. & PDF files. So you can use digitally or just print them out and add to any project. I also used up my extra journal pocket with a quote (which I never do). Usually I have such an abundance of photo's, I can't bare putting in a filler card. I got the quote from Simple as that Blog.
This week I also added quite a few pictures right on my journaling cards. Sometime my main picture doesn't cover my entire point I'm trying to get across. So another picture is needed, enter, a little one I put in digitally while journaling...and voila, problem solved : )
I also used Katie Pertiet's "Color My Love Kit" on Friday's journal card. These elements are so cute & colorful, just what I needed this week. I also added an 8 x 8 photo. I edited this using my app Diptic. I just used an 8 x 8 clear page protector instead of trimming a 12 x 12 & sewing oMy cats were busy this week catching mice so of course, I had to capture that. And my lovely husband caught a few of the girls drooling over the "My Little Pony" section in Wal-Mart...priceless! And then once they got home, playing very intently with their ponies. So decided to make an extra addition to my Project Life.

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Above is the left side of week 6

Above is the right side of week 6

These two are the diptic edits


  1. I love the before and after pics and all of your journaling. We had a mouse last week too. Eek. I didn't get a picture of it though. Darn it! Cute journaling cards. Love your take on these pages.

    1. Thank you Kimberlee! I try my best to be creative without it taking an entire day to complete a layout. And the mouse...eek is right!