Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Late Christmas Present

I had planned to give this to my husband Bryan on Christmas morning, but simply ran out of time. So between last night & this afternoon, I was able to complete it. I love the results!  I used the instructions from Stephanie Corfee's book: Creative Doodling & Beyond. I found the book inspiring and it got me to turn my TV off and start creating again.
* I simply got black poster board and cut it to fit my frame. (which I got 60% off at AC Moore, go me !)
*Then got a newspaper. Sad, but true, I had to actually go out and buy one...who reads a "real" newspaper anymore?? Cut it up into pieces.
*Used Mod Podge (matte finish) to place newspaper pieces in any direction and lay down on my black poster board. Being careful to leave a border.
*Then I traced my hand in the middle, Then Paulina's & Natalya's stinking cute!
*Here is where the creativity takes place. I was a bit rusty in the doodling department. I had to keep looking at Stephaine's book to guide me. Now you doodle in the hand area. I used an ultra fine tip Sharpie. Whatever you would like. I did a heart on mine, a peace sign on Paulina's & a flower on Natalya's. And just keep doodling from there.
*Then I filled in with various watercolors. This was my favorite part!
* I used some rub on letters to identify the hands & put a gem on my ring finger ( awww)
*Outline the border in various pens. I used mostly a black Sharpie & a white Sharpie.
*Pop it in a frame & voila : )

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  1. Love it - it turned out great!!!