Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Project Life: September 22-28th

This may have been one of my favorite weeks to do! It was probably only the second time I have created my own title cards AND journal cards..yay me! I used an old autumn line from Imaginisce. I did this due to the first day of autumn falling on the current week : ) I also used a few autumn cards from Becky's Season's Edition. I am in love with the fall colors to begin with, but I love how they all fell into place. And considering it was a few lines mixed, I was happy with the results. I also added, for the first time, some of the "Just Add Color" Edition! Oh, how I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this edition! I couldn't wait to use it. But I had already made up my fall cards for this did what any other crafty girl would do.... I added another page for the week : ) Yay me again! I had gotten my 2 girls a few new outfits for fall since they are growing like weeds! I asked them to try them on to make sure everything fit. Then I glanced outside and the sun was just starting to go down. You know, that part of the day when the sun glows that beautiful orange? My FAVORITE time to take pics. So I asked the girls to do a quick fall photo shoot. It took about 15 minutes and the pictures were gorgeous! That me me happy! AND it even made me happier because I needed to add an addition page to my week...yay! SO that is how I got to squeeze in "Just Add Color" to my week.  I used mostly orange and yellow for my daughter Paulina. Then used Yellow and green for my other daughter Natalya. They blended perfectly with my fall layout too.
Hope everyone has a great week. I am linked up with Jessica at The Mom Creative Blog!

Here is the "Just Add Color" it!

Here is my week using the Imaginisce 

 A few close ups of  the "Just Add Color"

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  1. These pages are all fantastic! I love all the cards you used and how the colors work so well with the beautiful photos!