Monday, June 17, 2013

Project Life: June 9th - 15th

This lovely week of project life was once again Honey edition! I am thinking of purchasing the Rain Edition. I do love the green/blue/purple color scheme, but it reminds me of Springtime. But I am thinking it will be good for "water" pictures, anything from the ocean to the pool. So I may be placing an order at Amazon very soon. But getting back to business... Didn't do too much embellishing this week. During these busy weeks, I tend to be happy that I got pictures taken & the story told. I seem to notice I play more with stickers and mixing core kits when I have a solid few hours to do PL. This was not one of those weeks.
Sunday after church we were on a hunt once again for the Rainbow Looms! We found them, all the way in Richboro!! We bought a boat load of them, and I mean a boat load! Bryan got the grill sparked up and we had our first cookout/BBQ of the season! Yay! Apple gave its Keynote Presentation on Monday, I was glued to my iPad Monday after the girls were in excited for ios7! We had a hysterical game of wiffle ball! We had the entire family out there! Friday was the girls last day of school. I used Cathy Z's free download which you can get here! I also added 8 pictures of the wiffle ball game. I used Design H. Here is the front & back.

 Here is the first part of my week & where I used my Cathy Z. card. I also used a bifold card for my title card. I just added the date & a mini title in Photoshop Elements.

Here is the second part of the week. Friday's picture is of a marigold. I used my iPhone with my olloclip. You can read more about this here!

And here is the entire spread. I usually take my pictures in front of an open door - NOT in direct sunlight and I do not use a flash. I stand on a chair.

I will be linked up with Jessica at The Mom Creative Blog!


  1. Lovely layouts. I love the marigold picture. That is amazing.