Thursday, April 4, 2013


OK, so I am always doing posts on Project Life...mainly because it is my priority. But I thought I'd do a little post about the lovely fluffiness I am blessed with on a daily basis. So those of you who are not feline lovers, you can just bypass this post : (
Our cats are part of our family. We all contribute to taking care of them. The girls feed them in the am, and brush them out occasionally. I feed them in the pm & take them for their vet check ups. My husband has litter box duty...thank God! Bryan and I love them to jump on our beds while we watch our evening programs. Our two newest ones, Sonic & Marmalade (aka Duke) are finally getting use to being around us...after a year! Our grandpa kitty, Archie is so old he has no whiskers! But is the sweetest cat I have ever had! I love to snuggle with them & hear their purr machines kick in!
So ode to the kitties in everyone's life!

  This is Sonic...he use to be a maniac & pee all over...but thank heavens he grew out of that!

Below is Archie...grandpa kitty

Sonic once again with his beautiful green eyes!

Below is Marmalade...he is the fluffiest kitty ever!

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